Bobber With A Brain now comes in TWO sizes  Sr. & Jr. Worlds first & only  patented fishing bobber that fishes from the  bottom up & will not drift in a 30 mph wind!
  Consumers,Retailers  & Distributors WELCOME
Order on Pay Pal through Moffs Tackle account. E.Mail- Frank at with order for total pricing & questions!Call FRANK !724-537-8809 
     all questions answered!
  +++ HUGE  archive  web site  Big Ten Tackle testimonial page below that will sell  you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  +++ SMART TACKLE Products--FISHING  BOBBERS, Floats, Off Bottom Fishing! Catfish, Walleye, Trout, Crappie,Ceramic Sinkers light sticks! QVC TV. Skuttle Butt Magaine! Made in America! CARP in Netherlands! --Click below to see not only testimonials but  a huge original web site even  hand tied crappie rigs made by us!
++++++Once on the testimonial page click rigging to see how may ways to use the BWAB Jr. & Sr. you will be IMPRESSED!!!!!! Check out your state testimonials below at archives!!



Special heart warming  testimonial    from     colorado   using bwab!

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